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It’s important to note that every customer’s needs and expectations are different. Most companies offer what Micro Quality Calibration (MQC) calls “typical” calibration services. These services include calibration of instruments combined with a pick-up and drop-off service.

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MQC has a much more full-service and consultative approach (we call it the “MQC Difference”) to tool calibration services by including the following:

  • Fast and consistent turnaround across broad service and capability range
    • Single facility
      • 5-business-day turnaround; 98% successful over the last 10 years in turning calibration events
      • Most consistent and timely turnaround amongst any players in the market (testimonials available from a variety of customers with significant instrument count)
      • Multi-laboratory, environmentally-controlled facility
    • Free pick-up and delivery for local Los Angeles customers
    • One of the largest service offerings for a single facility in the country
    • One of the largest A2LA ISO 17025 accreditations and scope for a single facility in the country
    • In-house, on-site and mobile calibration services
  • Accredited to the highest level
    • Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025
    • Meets the general requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006
    • Meets the general requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994
    • Traceable to NIST
    • Ability to calibrate working, secondary, and primary standards
    • Compliant to ISO 9000 series
    • Certify it to industrial, military, federal, and manufacturer specifications
  • Robust technology package
    • One of the most advanced Customer Web Portals on the market
    • Calibration Software and Tool Crib Software seamlessly integrated into the same platform (reduce redundant keys strokes and data integrity issues)
    • Most advanced technology package on the market - offers more functionality, report, and query creation than any other package on the market (completely customized from standard package issued out of the box)
    • Ability to customize and/or add Parker-specific fields that can be utilized by end user (i.e. SOOT fields, note fields, memo fields, preventative maintenance, etc.)
    • MQC mines more data fields than any other vendor in the market
      • More data allows for more comprehensive reports and the ability to peel back layers of the analysis to isolate root cause and/or value creation
    • Ability to print/export in any file format or individually scan, zip, and save documents (i.e. calibration certificates, packing slips, invoices, repair advisals, etc.)
    • Automated notifications and setting automated reports on fixed schedules (i.e. OOT notifications, recalls, etc.)
    • MQC will clean-up and standardize instrument record detail on every receiving event to have a clean and accurate equipment list
    • Fully validated software
    • High-level data integrity
  • Real-time data analytics to drive financial and instrument level decisions
    • Ability to customize reports to provide instrument-specific analytics
    • Success ratio analysis broken down by instrument type all the way down to instrument level
      • Identify poorly performing department and/or owners
        • Determine training needs
        • Develop a better process/procedure
      • Identify applications in which incorrect instrument utilized
        • Recommend better performing and/or more durable instruments
      • Provide process improvement
      • Instrument interval analysis (reduce spend by increasing intervals)
  • Providing dedicated points of contact that not only service your account but offer recommendations
    • Single point of contact with dedicated customer support team
    • Process improvements
    • Review current on-site schedules to optimize efficiency and time management
    • Review current subcontractors to ensure most cost effective and reliable solution selected
    • Audit support

MQC offers one of the most complete service offerings in the country which has propelled MQC to unprecedented organic growth of over 2,000 companies, primarily by word of mouth. Our guiding principle from the day we opened our doors to the foundation of future strategic initiatives is to provide a high-quality work product, timely execution, exceptional customer service, flexibility to meet each customer’s business needs, and, most of all, repeatability.

MQC meets or exceeds the ISO/IEC 17025 requirements and upholds the highest level of quality assurance, documentation, and accuracy. We believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence. Our experts consistently evaluate new processes and methods for calibration in order to continually improve our quality management system and conformity.

Contact Micro Calibration today by calling (818) 423-4071 to get started and learn more about our Los Angeles calibration services.

Reduce Audit Exposure

Not only does MQC have one of the largest capabilities and service offerings in the country (elimination of multiple vendors), we also have one of the most advanced technology and customer interfaces. By leveraging MQC’s full suite of services, customers can greatly reduce audit exposure. MQC’s technology package, which includes its Customer Web Portal, gives customers the ability to have complete control over their instruments, a high level of data integrity, and the ability to access real-time data including but not limited to following:

  • Equipment lists
  • Recall reports
  • Custom queries
  • Instrument status/instrument history
  • Ability to print and/or paperless options for calibration certificates, packing slips, repair advisals, and more
  • Create automated alerts and reports to inform you of status

Eliminate the need to update, search, request, or produce timely reports for your team, auditors, and/or managers. Let MQC perform the administrative-related functions of maintaining your database, updating your records, or creating financial/operational reports for your team. Our goal is to provide tangible value to your organization by allowing you to focus on what you do best while we assist in helping you not only meet but exceed your quality requirements.

*MQC, unlike many other calibration laboratories, ensures you have complete ownership of your database and does not hold your information ransom. You may download and export your data, calibration certificates, etc. at any time in multiple ways.

It’s easy to stay up to date on your equipment’s calibration because we offer the following, and more:

Proper Recall/Calibration Cycles/Automate Recalls

The most common questions we receive from our customers are about how long they should wait to calibrate their equipment and the risks of extending their calibration cycles. You should never view accurate calibration as just a necessary annoyance, or perform calibrations simply to pass an audit.

Out-of-tolerance instruments may:

  • Give false information leading to unreliable products
  • Cost your business significant amounts of money
  • Cause good products to fail tests (false rejects)
  • Cause bad products to pass tests (false accepts)
  • Create customer dissatisfaction
  • Require unnecessary rework
  • Lead to production delays

The answers to our customers’ most commonly asked questions will vary with each instrument’s accuracy requirements, frequency of use, manufacturer recommendations, contracts, regulations, and environmental factors. It’s important to note the quality standard ISO/IEC 17025 states that that the calibration laboratory may not recommend any calibration interval except where it has been agreed with the customer.

Whether customers select a recalibration interval based on the published specification or by any other means, they should evaluate the calibration data (past and present) for their products to ensure that the selected intervals meet their requirements for quality and reliability. The publications “NCSL International RP-1, Establishment and Adjustment of Calibration intervals” and “ILAC G24:2007 Guidelines for the determination of calibration intervals of measuring instruments” are excellent sources for customers to establish and revise calibration intervals based on their usage and quality requirements.

MQC is more than happy to discuss and aid where we can.

Internal vs. External Calibration

Should you be interested in understanding the cost-benefit analysis of commencing calibration in-house or outsourcing calibration to a third party, MQC is more than happy to collaborate and assist in building an analysis that considers your specific cost drivers to compare internal vs. external calibration costs. MQC is more interested in helping your company do what is right.

Creating and maintaining an internal calibration house can be difficult due to numerous reasons:

  • Additional resources are required (management and technicians)
  • Not the core competency/distraction from business
  • Cost of purchasing and maintaining standards
  • Developing quality procedures
  • Cost of accreditations
  • Productivity
  • Training
  • Audit exposure

Definition of Calibration

What is calibration? Calibration is a comparison between the measurements of one device with an established magnitude or correctness known as the “standard” and a second device known as the test instrument. The standard is often no less than four times the accuracy of the test instrument that it is calibrating. Once the test instrument is calibrated and deemed within tolerance, the item needs to be able to “hold the calibration” when used in the stated environmental conditions over a reasonable amount of time dictated by usage or manufacturer specifications.

A standard calibration does not include adjustment/adjustments to make a test instrument more accurate. Adjustments and repairs should be handled by an experienced technician. At MQC, all of our adjustments and repairs are handled by our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-trained technicians. Our knowledgeable experts can handle all of your calibration needs, including scale calibration, pipette calibration, and torque wrench calibration.

Leave it to the specialists. Let us help you improve profitability and conform to ISO requirements while delivering the highest-quality service, unparalleled capabilities, documentation control, and exceptional customer service. You can count on us for fast and effective calibration services in Los Angeles.

Let us manage all of your precision measurement equipment calibration needs so that you can focus on what you do best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I calibrate my equipment?

The calibration frequency depends on several factors, including the type of equipment, its usage frequency, manufacturer recommendations, and industry regulations. MQC can help you determine the optimal calibration schedule for your specific tools.

What happens if I don't calibrate my equipment?

Uncalibrated equipment can lead to inaccurate measurements, potentially causing errors in your production processes. This can result in wasted materials, defective products, and non-compliance with regulations.

What documentation do I receive after calibration?

MQC provides a Certificate of Calibration for each instrument, documenting the calibration date, equipment information, reference standards used, and the measured values before and after calibration.

Can you calibrate my specific brand of equipment?

MQC calibrates a wide range of instruments from various manufacturers. If you have an uncommon brand, contact us to confirm compatibility.

Can you calibrate equipment on-site at my Los Angeles location?

While our primary service is performed in our controlled laboratory environment, MQC may offer on-site calibration services for specific equipment under certain conditions. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

To learn more about our Los Angeles calibration services and request a price quote, contact us online or call us at (818) 423-4071 today.

Why Choose Micro Quality Calibration, Inc.?

The Best Kept Secret In Metrology
  • Accredited to the Highest Standard

    We are fully accredited to A2LA ISO/IEC 17025, meeting the requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994, traceable to N.I.S.T. and compliant to the 9000 Series.

  • History of Success

    Founded in 1978, Micro Quality Calibration continues to grow and is now serving more than
    2,000 customers.

  • Nationwide Service

    We are the metrology company of choice to thousands of customers in Southern California & across the country.

  • Proprietary Calibration Software

    Our customers have 24/7 access to certificates, recall reports, equipment lists, & real-time equipment tracking within our facility.

  • Broad Capability & Service Offering

    We do not sub-contract our work and have the ability to calibrate Primary, Secondary & Working standards in each of our disciplines.

  • Unrivaled Turnaround Time

    We have a 5-Business-Day turnaround time, with expedite options available 24 hr, 48 hr, and 72 hr.

  • State-of-the-Art Laboratory

    22,000 square foot, seven-laboratory, environmentally-controlled facility.

  • Ability to Repair Any Instrument We Calibrate

    We can repair down to the component level and certify to Manufacturer, Federal, Military & Industrial specifications.

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