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Micro Quality Calibration’s (MQC) multi-laboratory, environmentally-controlled facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair instruments available. Our technical staff is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-trained to troubleshoot, repair, and calibrate the most sophisticated and complicated instruments in a timely manner.

MQC has the ability to repair any instrument that we calibrate to the component level and certify to industrial, military, federal, and manufacturer specifications. All repairs performed are covered by a 30-day warranty. Also, we offer expedited services, allowing your repairs to be completed within 5 to 10 business days.

Should your equipment fail and require repair, you will immediately be notified by an auto-generated email directly from our technician to your quality team notifying you of the out-of-tolerance condition and missed delivery. Upon evaluation of the instrument, you will receive a repair advisal that will detail out repair labor and parts with the ability to accept or deny repairs. MQC will recommend replacing your equipment if the cost of the repairs exceeds 65% of its fair market price and/or the instrument has a track record of similar repairs being performed on the instrument. It’s important to note, MQC technicians are trained in specific disciplines so that they are effective in quickly troubleshooting the root cause of failure.

When an item is sent in for metrology OEM instrument calibration, there are no charges for repair estimates. Once your test equipment repair is complete, your item will be calibrated and accompanied by a certificate traceable to NIST. You can count on us to repair your precision measurement equipment quickly and efficiently.

Sales of New

MQC is proud to represent over 162 different lines of precision measurement equipment from the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

MQC sale items are calibrated at no charge. MQC’s sales policy covers all necessary adjustments, cleaning, and lubrication that may be needed. All sold items come with a certificate traceable to NIST.

To learn how MQC can assist you with your metrology OEM instrument calibration and test equipment repairs in Southern California, call (818) 423-4071 or complete our online contact form today.

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