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Database Management

What Is The Purpose Of Calibration?

Calibration is the act of evaluation and adjusting the performance, precision and accuracy of a piece of equipment. It allows for exact readings and asset data.

If you are having trouble accessing data and the accuracy of your information, do not hesitate to contact Micro Quality Calibration. Our experienced professionals are here to take you through the process and clarify any issues you may have. Call us today for a consultation.

At Micro Quality Calibration

Micro Quality Calibration (MQC) takes great pride in the integrity of our database. Each and every new record added to our database is fully inspected and verified against our customer paperwork to ensure the information is 100% accurate. The record is then attached to a template that adds all instrument relevant information including, but not limited to, instrument naming designations, test points, and the procedure that will be utilized during the calibration process.

Should the gage already exist in our database, the record will be scanned by the barcode (embedded in the MQC calibration label) to verify instrument fields. The scanning removes the human data entry element of the receiving process and greatly reduces the opportunity for error.

MQC captures and adds more data fields to each instrument than any other calibration laboratory in the country. The rationale is that the more complete the instrument level information, the more optionality both MQC and the customer have in creating a clean and accurate equipment list. This equipment list can then be utilized to create reports, write queries, offer recommendations, reduce audit exposure, and identify potential areas for process improvement.

MQC strongly believes that the customer’s instrument level information belongs to the customer. MQC gives each customer the ability to access/print/export their equipment list, calibration certificates, packing slips, or any other document at any time, in multiple formats. We view our relationship as the custodian of your database and not the owner.

Data Analytics

MQC strongly encourages customers to leverage the MQC relationship and build a customized dashboard utilizing the instrument information to forecast, plan, and manage budgets as well as drive instrument level decisions (i.e. right application for the correct instrument, identify training needs, understand calibration success ratios, and improve processes, etc.).



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