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Ventura County Calibration Services

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Micro Quality Calibration (MQC) provides prompt and professional calibration services to individuals and businesses alike. Since 1978, our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) trained technicians have performed calibrations, repairs, testing, and first article inspections of our customers’ precision measurement equipment. As a result, we have a comprehensive understanding of this complex industry, and we can fulfill all your service needs.

In our environmentally-controlled, multi-laboratory facility, our technicians can proficiently service your equipment. We also provide our services on site as well as in our accredited mobile laboratory. MQC is fully accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and can resolve your problems in a timely manner. In fact, we offer our customers a five-business day turnaround time in addition to expedited services. You can rely on MQC to provide you with the fast and effective services you deserve.

Call MQC today at (818) 423-4071 or contact us online to learn more about our Ventura County calibration services.

Committed to Excellence

At MQC, our technicians can calibrate to primary, working, and secondary standards in each category. Each calibration or repair we perform comes with a certificate traceable to NIST and contains extensive information about the service as well as the equipment.

The information in the certificate includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Dual signatures (technician and approval signatures)
  • Calibration date/next calibration date
  • Uncertainty (upon request)
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Barcode and instrument ID
  • Calibrating technician
  • Measuring range
  • Procedure used
  • Purchase order
  • Accuracy

Our technicians can repair any instrument we calibrate to its component level and certify it to military, federal, industrial, and manufacturer specifications. Regardless of your type of equipment or how severe your problem may be, we have the experience and expertise needed to effectively serve you. Visit our facility today and find out why we are the number one metrology company of choice for countless customers across the United States.

Call MQC at (818) 423-4071 today to request a price quote for our calibration services in Ventura County.

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